Airbrush Mastery

Finally, here’s the ultimate gateway course that will fast track you to significant and total airbrush control, speed, and mastery. You’ll be able to airbrush onto any surface with complete confidence, and drastically increase your profits in all airbrush applications, including automotive custom painting, T-shirt airbrushing, illustration, fine art, hobby uses, body art, and tons more! AIRBRUSH MASTERY is highly recommended by airbrush gurus Terry Hill, and Brian Lynch as a critically important foundation course and way to maximize your total Getaway experience as you graduate through the ranks of other classes. AIRBRUSH MASTERY was developed by legendary airbrush guru Terry Hill. “Although no experience is necessary, this is not your typical beginning course,” Hill explained. “AIRBRUSH MASTERY is also perfect for experienced airbrush users who have developed bad habits or are in need of a serious refresher program. As a wise man once said, ‘You could be doing something for 20 years wrong,’ and we have seen this in people with years of airbrushing under their belt. We invite all Getaway alumni, especially automotive and illustration students, to take full advantage of this new and exciting course.”

What to Bring: Your creativity, a note pad, and a digital camera (optional)

What you’ll learn:

  • Anatomy of the airbrush• Airbrush repair and maintenance• Troubleshooting all airbrush problems• Paint viscosity• Essential equipment• The airbrush toolkit• Types of airbrushes (top-feed, bottom-feed, etc)• Air pressure regulation• Soft and hard effects• The four essential skills of airbrushing• Dozens of drills• How to create 3-dimensional shapes• How to render highlights and shadows• How to master the elusive dagger stroke• Dynamic use of color• Color mixing• The latest paint technology• Transparent versus opaque colors• Stencil techniques• Introduction to the plotter• How to market your work• Business forum and Q&A session• Airbrush ergonomics• Introduction to air sources• How to render effects and textures, such as granite, fur, fleshtones, chrome, wood grain, fire, and much more!


INSTRUCTORS: Gary Worthington, Maryellen Vettori, Donte Curd, Angie Harnage

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

DATE: Feb. 24 - 27, 2017

Radisson Hotel Fort Worth North-Fossil Creek
2540 Meacham Blvd,
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone:(817) 625-9911
Website: [Click here to book online]