Fantasy Art

FANTASY ART, Timeless in nature and infinite in possibilities, is enjoying a strong resurgence in popular culture. This hands-on course will allow your imagination to soar as you enter the realm of dragons, wizards, fairies, reapers, gargoyles, and yes, unicorns. World class artist Rod Fuchs will help you discover ways to liberate, expand, and transfer your ideas to any surface. Projects will explore subject matter, how to develop an original concept, dynamic composition, plausible anatomy, and much more.

REGISTRATION FEE: $625.00 >Includes Free Iwata Airbrush!


SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced

DATE: Oct. 10-13, 2017

Golden Nugget Las Vegas
129 Freemont Street Experience
Las Vegas, NV 89101
To book/reserve, call 800-634-3454

or CLICK HERE to book ONLINE - Group Rate